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ThotSocial, A parody based new Social Media platform Aiming to Re-introduce the use of the word "Thot", We are not using the word "Thot" as a derogatory term towards women, we are basically using the word "Thot" as a mockery of how our society craves attention, we aim to prove a platform where you can be your self or fake self and get all the attention wanted. With that being said, Welcome to the Next Generation of Social Media, as we are insane, we are devoted and ready for all the smoke. Bring us all the attention you're seeking, Bring us all of the thirst trap, Bring all of the "beef"(pause),Bring us all of the topics and interesting things you will like to share with us, This is the new platform for all the Clout and beyond. I, The Thot In Chief, welcome all of you with open arms.


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